Reduce Crow’s Feet & Ageing Eyes

Signs of ageing around the eyes, including droopiness and crow’s feet or crepe-like skin, are often the result of years of UV exposure that causes the breakdown of firming collagen, exacerbated by repeated mechanical muscle expression, like squinting, frowning, etc.

Gentle Polyhydroxy Acids (PHAs) can help firm the area to minimise the appearance of droopiness or lines. Puffiness may be genetic, or related to diet and salt consumption, lack of sleep and allergies. Look for products that have a massage tip to facilitate drainage and deliver benefit ingredients such as NeoGlucosamine, Peptides or Caffeine. Dark circles may be the result of darkening pigment or the pooling of blood which gives a dark look to the skin and is often genetic. Dark pigment can be targeted with ingredients including brightening Peptides, NeoGlucosamine and Algae Extract in formulations designed for the delicate eye area.

Contact lens wearers can look for ophthalmologist-tested formulas labeled safe for lens wearers. Always wear sunglasses with UV protection and have your eyes checked regularly.

EXUVIANCE® expertly crafts formulas with the best ingredients, precisely chosen and optimally balanced for their proven benefit to specific skin conditions and concerns.