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Every NeoStrata product offers incredible anti-aging and rejuvenating effects thanks to the ground-breaking AHA & PHA technologies discovered by the creators of NeoStrata, Dr. Eugene Van Scott and Dr. Ruey Yu. Equally, because NeoStrata is science driven, our products are regularly and widely recommended for the treatment and relief against a wide range of specific skin conditions and concerns. So whether you are looking for a daily regimen to prevent and reverse the signs of ageing or need an effective remedy for a specific skin condition, use our product selection guide and skin conditions glossary to find the perfect range of products for your requirements. For more information on new skin care treatments please follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter as well as signing up to our Newsletter.

In Ireland, NeoStrata products are stocked in pharmacies and clinics nationwide. In addition to our Skin Rejuvenation System, Professional Peels are offered through dermatologists’ clinics and skincare specialists. For further information on where to find our products and peels via brick and mortar stores, see the stockist locator. For more information on the key AHA compound ingredients used such as Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid and how they work please visit our About page.

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